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« Because we are all alike, a part of you will be touched by this unconsciousevidence. And because his works open the doors to the mystery of existence, a piece of your intimate self will feel at home within them. »

Mario Duguay, photo manipulated artist


Born in Canada in 1970, with a talent for the arts since childhood, Mario Duguay developed his ability further through tattooing in 1993. He occupied this profession in Montreal until 1998. By his desire to evolve in his art, he decided to study to become a graphic designer. After graduating, he worked only one year in this field. He was disappointed with the little creativity found in the graphic designer profession, and a need for expressing himself emerged in him; then, he decided to dedicate himself to painting on canvas. To do so, he gave painting lessons in various cities in Quebec and participated in various group exhibitions, as well as numerous symposiums from 1999 to 2010.


His style was focused on the new age, which allowed him to access the four corners of the world. From his canvases he developed various products that were sold in Canada, the United States, France, England, Australia, and Japan. All best sellers in every corner of the world!


After hard life difficulties, he suffered from many losses including his house, his studio, and his photo studio due to the bankruptcy of his managers, as well as many emotional losses. He was diagnosed with major depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. He then decided, after several years of interior research, to make a career reversal, to focus on his creativity, his works, and produce something that could push him to create. He abandoned the new age style and focused on surrealism, which has been a passion of his from the beginning.


Afterwards, Mario decided to abandon painting, as he believed he lacks talent and time in his style to access art galleries. He found his way back to infographics. 


Being a graphic designer by profession and becoming passionate about Photoshop and Maya, Mario explored the field of photography. This discipline pushes him beyond his own limits. He designs ideas, takes pictures of his models according to the idea in mind, places his lighting, creates his elements on Maya and thus allowing him to produce phantasmagoric scenes.


Today, he decided to start his career from scratch. From then on, he feels alive again, and is approaching galleries all over the world.


Mario Duguay is currently looking for a gallery wishing to represent him and join different group exhibitions in various countries of the world. Aged 53, the best is yet to come for him…




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