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Canada, June 22, 1970

Life as a whole fluctuates between two contradictory aspects of existence, each essential to evolve as a human being: shadow, evoking doubts, questionings, fears, anxieties, trials; and light, which represents freedom, joy, wonder, discovery, hope and wisdom. Because human beings are constantly evolving, they must go through both these extremes to better understand their existence and find a better balance in their personal and social life.

The artist’s inner personal quest has allowed him to develop great spirituality and a unique style of artistic expression.

Imbued with mysticism, his paintings reflect the discoveries he made throughout his life and in his daily-life experiences to find his life path.

Mario Duguay was born in Canada in 1970. A graphic designer by profession, he delved into the marvelous world of imagination through the art of painting in 1995. The self-taught artist launched his Light Messages card game in 2002, and his work got him the admiration and fascination of people all over the world. He uses his inspiration to brighten his life and the lives of others, and his paintings seem to come straight out of another universe where light, magic, and hope coexist. His paintings stir personal reflection and transmit a message that challenges the observer’s conscience.

His deep desire is for anyone who looks at the painting to feel challenged and recognize themself, as if they were looking at their own existence in a mirror. Known for his spiritual works, he founded his own publishing house and quickly conquered the world with his message card box sets, which were wildly successful and sold everywhere in America, France, Australia and Japan. The French version of the first set sold more than 150 000 copies. However, the success was not without consequences. The pressure he faced to sell his products internationally exhausted him and forced him to stop.

Completely exhausted, Mario suffered from major depression and severe anxiety disorder. After a long period of exhaustion, illness, hospitalization, and ordeals that prevented him from painting for several years, Mario Duguay came back to himself and chose to return to his roots and express himself more through art, and create what really seems appealing to him. He aims to let his imagination and his heart express themselves without commercial constraint.

He aspires to exhibit his inner life through his works in art galleries, and to fully live his life as an artist. This approach led him to make major changes in his works. His goal is no longer to please, but to fulfill himself as an artist.

To do this, he goes from acrylic to oil to digital art, and is perfecting his technique. The artist ventures to do what he would never have dared before, and enjoys creating even more phantasmagorical scenes. His paintings always convey a message, but the accomplishment now comes from his sensitivity, his imagination and his audacity. Mario Duguay's paintings have become the steps of his life, uprooted from his being, exhibited through his works.

Because we are all alike, a part of you will be touched by this unconscious evidence. And because his works open the doors to the mystery of existence, a piece of your intimate self will feel at home within them.

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